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Getting a better deal on your loan.

Do you know the interest rate you are being charged on your mortgage? Have you stopped to consider how it compares to the current interest rate on similar products?

Refinancing your loan could give you access to a more competitive interest rate, especially if you have had a home loan for a few years.

Interest rates are currently sitting at historic lows, so, if your interest rate doesn’t have a 2 in front of it, you may be paying too much.

We have listed a few reasons why people refinance below.

Reasons why you may refinance

If you’ve had a home loan for a few years now, it’s safe to assume your life has changed in that time. You may have started a new job, received a promotion, or gone through significant life changes such as getting married or had your first child.

Equally, you might be near the end of a fixed rate term or interest only period so now is a great time to find out what your options are.

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